Portland to Portland

In just 20 days I will be dipping my front wheel in the Pacific Ocean and heading towards Portland, Maine.  God willing on October 4th I will be doing the same in the Atlantic ocean.  Ironically this photo with my father (Franklyn Spiezle) was near Rockport, Massachusetts, only two hours from where I will be finishing my ride.


IMG_0054For over 30 years I have dreamed about making this “trek”.  While I was an aspiring (yet never successful) racer with Greggs Cycle, this is a new adventure for me and my family.  This trip organized by Trek Bicycles, is fully supported with on-road guides, mechanics and feed zones. 3,815 miles +/- and 150,000 feet, I will ride everyday and hopefully every mile.  A ride creating memories and a Ride For Memories! 


T Minus 20 Days


RAM-Msft2 (1 of 1)

Ramping up and training over 300 miles a week.  Support for Alzheimer’s Association has raised over $4500.  Thanks to colleagues at Microsoft, Boeing, Publishers Clearing House, Internet Society, friends and family for their generous support.  I also want to thank the board of directors (including past board members) of the Online Trust Alliance for their support and generosity.

Special note of appreciation to the Microsoft Alumni Network for help in spreading the word and the encouragement form the Bellevue Athletic Club.  As noted this ride is in memory and tribute to my father and everyone who has been impacted by this disease.