My #1 Teammate – My Wife

Today’s ride (day 5 of 6), is in honor of Liz, my wife. After yesterday’s exhausting ride, today’s ride into Winter Park was a “cake walk”.  31 miles with an average speed of 17.8 mph, (thanks to a tailwind and relatively flat ride climbing only 1,700 feet).  Tomorrow’s final leg is a 87 mile, 5,228 climb back to Breckenridge. My cadence, stamina and speed for tomorrow will be critical in order to catch my bus and flight back to Seattle.

While I  pedal around the world cyclingwifepromoting research, care and funding for Alzheimer’s, I realize I am fortunate to have a “partner” who is so supportive.  Often leaving the house for an 6 hour ride or in the case of this ride of 10 days, I am often asked if she feels being “abandoned” and how she deals with me being gone so much.  I think it is summed up that she realizes cycling is one of my passions and my “cycling for a cause” is important.  We both share the view we have responsibility of giving back to community and helping others.

Liz leads our Temple’s “Caring Community”,  helping congregants who are in need of a meal or need a ride to a doctor’s appointment. She is the first to drop everything from being a compassionate listener to helping with everyday chores.  This is the same support we need to lend to those who are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.  The emotional and physical toll can be overwhelming.  I encourage you to consider a donation or offer to help a friend who is an Alzheimer’s caregiver.  Make a meal, do their laundry or offer to drop in and provide them a chance to leave the home, knowing a trusted friend is with their loved one.  Respite care provide caregivers a temporary rest and chance to catch a breath without feeling guilty. Your small efforts can make a big difference.  Act today.

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