Teamwork & Collaboration

Today we left Steamboat Springs riding to Grand Lake Colorado, into the heart of the Rocky TeamTrek4Mountain National Park.  The ride was a challenge, not only for the length (94 miles), or the total vertical we climbed (over 6,000 feet), but the steep climb up Rabbit Ears Pass reaching 9,426 feet with the road temperature hitting 97 degrees.  While on the surface this may sound insurmountable, it was easy and enjoyable as a result of the support of my fellow Trek Cross Country Team riders, including Charlie D (Seattle), Dan K (Milwaukee) and Mike D (Madison).

Working together provides not only efficiency, but an enhanced experience and memories I will cherish for ever.  Unfortunately those afflicted by Alzheimer’s will not have the ability to relive such experiences. I pray this disease does not take any more of my family, friends or readers of my blog

Become part of the Alzheimer’s team and make a donation to help find a cure

Highlights of today’s ride

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