Cycling For A Cause

Tomorrow June 10th I start the 2018 Ride the Rockies ride through Colorado,.  This large event attractsuntitled-1-2 over 2,000 riders who are each riding as a personal quest or riding for a cause.  My cause is Alzheimer’s.  As a watched my father succumb to this disease over a decade and now my brother-in-law whose memory is rapidly diminishing, I realize how critical funding is needed for a cure, treatment and support of patient’s caregivers. 

This event is not a race, but a personal challenge to help find a cure and treatment for Alzheimer’s.  The ride will be a challenge riding 400 plus miles and climbing over 26,000 feet, reaching the elevation of 11,300 feet. Staying hydrated and adapting to the altitude and staying safe is a priority.

While I am still nursing elbow discomfort, nerve damage and effects from getting hit by a car last August, I am determined to ride safe and cherish the positive moments and memories of life.  Those facing Alzheimer’s do not have this option.

Consider a donation today.
To-date $14,350, has been raised towards the goal of $18,000.



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