Day 47/48 – Reunion & Recuperate

Support Alzheimer’s Research & Care Givers

Portland, Maine – Yesterday was full of long goodbye’s recapping the funny stories, hard climbs and awkward moments we experienced over the past six weeks. Walking the streets of Portland visiting shops and galleries, we ran into several of the group with hugs and high fives and promises to ride again. The highlight was the reunion at lunch with my mother, (Louise) sister (Patti), brother-in-law (Ken), and wife (Liz).



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As I head back to Seattle tonight I will start to decompress, catch up with friends, paper work and get back to training for my next adventure while recuperating from my injuries.

In reality my consulting practice in cyber-security, privacy and online crime will encompass a great deal of time, re-engaging with clients and law enforcement.  Between the increased levels of state sponsored cyber crime (aka Russia) and data breaches (Equifax) and privacy missteps I will have a full plate.  At the same time I hope to continue support the Alzheimer’s Association, looking to  support caregivers who are on the front line every days supporting nearly 50 million people with Alzheimer’s.


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