Day 46 – Making it to Maine

Updated 10-6 – To date I have raised over $11,500 for Alzheimer’s.  Help me reach my new goal of $12,500

Portland, Maine – Today was a gentle ride through New Hampshire into Maine where once again I was blessed with beautiful weather reaching close to 80 degrees when we reached the Atlantic Ocean. In total I rode 3,765 miles, climbed 141,265 feet, pedaled over 1.2 million strokes, ate nearly 100 cliff bars, went though 5 tubes of SPF 50 suntan lotion and two tubs of chamois cream!

The experiences and people I met along the way were amazing and will last a lifetime.  It is amazing to think of meeting 20 other riders I would have such a positive experience.  The comradery that developed was hearting considering we came from such diverse backgrounds, political perspectives and personal preferences.  Perhaps if more of the world rode bikes together we would be able to accept more of our difference and make the world a better place. The highlight of the final ride was riding into the arms of my wife (Liz) and giving her a bouquet of roses, (see below).

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2 thoughts on “Day 46 – Making it to Maine”

  1. Hey Craig, What an awesome achievement! Sherry and I are so proud of you! Piling on with a finisher contribution. Way to go my friend! Ted Fick


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