Day 44 – A Taste of Vermont

Ticonderoga, NY – We left our hotel for a short 3 mile ride to catch a ferry to Vermont.  Riding into the fog we could hardly see more than 200 feet in front of us.  The joke is the ferry has never been late in its’ 217 year history…  it does not operate on a schedule.  The ferry is unique as it does not have steering or a helm.  It is guided by steel cables (salvaged from local ski areas).  The cables pass through wheels on the underside of the ferry, rising to meet it as it crosses, then sinking twenty-four feet back to the bottom. The captain doesn’t steer, just handles a throttle.

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After a short 7 minute ferry, we were off to the rolling hills of Vermont, making our way to Fairlee, VT some 94 miles to the east. A highlight of the day was seeing we had met and now exceeded my fundraising goal for Alzheimer’s research.  Thank you to my family and friends for their generous support and a special shout out to my big brother Scott for “pushing us over the top”!

Vermont.JPGStarting out foggy, damp and cold, we were blessed with a clear sunny day warming up to over 60.  The 6,800 feet of hill climbs warmed us up at the same time, having us strip to our summer riding attire and one last application of SPF 50!  Arriving at our hotel, the Lake Morey Resort before 4 PM, provided time to enjoy the sunset and fall colors of Vermont.

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