Day 36 – Family, Friends & Amish County

Riding from Oberlin to Burton was another great ride, with the highlights of friends and family cheering me (and the entire group on).  A big thank you to Anne, Susan, Glenn, Cathy, Jim, Pam and Bob!  Leaving Oberlin we took a detour through town enjoying the architecture and learning of the history including its role in the Underground Railroad. For the third day we dodged walnuts on the road and navigated some rough Burton9-24x-17roads through the parks as we made our way around Cleveland.  Stopping at the Pick & Save Orchard in Media Ohio, we were treated to “apple cider smoothies”.  Cool and refreshing with a much needed energy boost to get to lunch at mile 49!

Mother-in-law Anne, got high marks from the group for her enthusiasm cheering everyone on and ringing a bell in Hudson when it was over 90 degrees out.  During the day one of Liz’s best friends Pam and Bob Reisinger from high-school, spent a few hours chasing me down along the route meeting with many of the other riders and finally catching up with me at the Red Maple Inn in Burton, Ohio. The Inn is fantastic with a great view of the Geauga County and Sugar Loaf Mountain from my room. Geauga County is home to the 4th largest Amish Community in the world. Burton has a rich history of surviving the depression by tapping the maple trees in the park to make and sell syrup to pay their taxes and monthly expenses.  Today the tapping of the trees continue with proceeds benefiting the boy scouts, high school scholarships and historical society.  A “sweet success passed from generation to generation.” Another hot and humid day, but rewarding and enriching!



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