Day 6 – From Onions to Potatoes **

I rolled out of Walla Walla late this morning after a last minute cleat change and ended up in Lewiston, Idaho. Jen Goldstein one of the Trek guides and “group medic” hammered IMG_2940with me until we could catch up with some of the other riders.

Today I joined the flat tire club with my first flat as a result of rolling over what is called a goats head, a sharp thorn that blow on the road like tumbleweed. It was only a matter of time!  goatsheadthordAfter a quick “pit stop” and a new tube and I was on my way.

Rolling hills, great clean roads and awesome views on every turn. A remarkable first week totaling 568 miles and a combined accent of 30,150 feet.  Legs are feeling good though with a road temperature nearing 95 degrees today, I am looking forward to a good night sleep.  Tomorrow (Sunday) will be tough at 103 miles.


Monday will push us to the limit at another 91 miles. Looking forward to reaching Missoula, MT and enjoy a recover day (only 37 miles) followed by a total rest day on August 30th.  (for larger images click on the photos below)

** – Walla Walla Sweet Onions are the official Washington State Vegetable and Idaho is known for it’s Potatoes. 



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