Day 6 – Back to my home state (Wash)

Today our ride started in eastern Oregon to Walla Walla, which is located at the foot of the Blue Mountains in the southeastern corner of Washington state.  Tomorrow we head towards Lewiston, Idaho.

wallawallamapWalla Walla (located about 5 hours from Seattle), has been named the best small town in America and one of the friendliest  places to live. Famous for its wheat fields, sweet onions and wine.

The ride today was 74 miles, (2 miles longer then planned due to a GPS issue taking us on a gnarly gravel road). Once we got back on track we rode past rolling hills of wheat and farms and silos.  At several points we crossed parts of the Oregon Trail. In one small town kids came our running and yelling words to encouragement.  I guess seeing a pack of riders wearing tight lycra in the middle of nowhere was an event!

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Enjoying Walla Walla!

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