Day 5 – Random Act of Kindness

The journey.  While I am only starting Day 5, I wanted to share the impact the ride has already made to me and to others.  The last two days people stopped me (at breakfast, on the sidewalk and on the road), to talk about how Alzheimer’s has impacted them and their family.  This has been totally unexpected.  It is clear is they ( and I expect millions of others), have a desire and need to share their stores.  This has been emotional for them and for me and in a small way making me feel good that I am providing them provided an outlet to talk about their experiences.

Yesterday over breakfast an orthopedic surgeon talked to me and discussed how unlike cancer and other terminal illnesses, their is no cure or effective treatment, making it the worst disease.  He went on discussing the impact the families and caregivers and his own experience.  Another person actually flagged me down while riding, (he had heard about my accident the day earlier, and saw the group on the road) and offered a donation.  In another case during one of the TV interview a woman on the sidewalk engaged me talking about the impact as a caregiver and how she has been impacted by 4 family members.

While I trained hard for the ride, I did not expect these experiences and am blessed that I am able to help and touch others on their own journey dealing with ALZ.  If you have not had a chance to donate, please consider your support.


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